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Tortuga is seeking a General Manager (GM) to help us make travel easier and more enjoyable.

As GM, you will be the first non-founder people manager at the company. This is a pivotal hire for us. Today, we are a flat team of 10 with everyone reporting to the co-founder and CEO. In the GM role, you will help to shape our organizational and communication structures and build out the next stage of the company. Our flat structure was initially a strength but is now a limiting factor to our growth. With your help, we will grow into a "team of teams" that is better equipped for future growth.

At Tortuga, we are building a remote, humane workplace. That’s how we think work should work. As the General Manager, you will influence that vision while helping your teammates do great work.

Tortuga is comprised of Players and Coaches. Individual contributors (ICs) are Players and “managers” are Coaches. This analogy would make you the Head Coach. Longer-term, as we develop teams within the company, you will become a Coach of Coaches.

A Coach’s role is to support Players, not to tell them what to do. You are not responsible for solving every problem. You are responsible for helping Players solve their own problems and for removing roadblocks so that Players can do their jobs well. You will enable Players to spend their time in deep work, not in meetings and administrative hell.

Tortuga is and will remain a Player-first company with a low Coach-to-Player ratio.

Your experience should include growing a company or line of business from 7 to 8 figures in revenue and having managed a team of 10+ people (not necessarily all direct reports).

The GM will work directly with Fred Perrotta, the co-founder and CEO of Tortuga.

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Tortuga is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and encourage anyone who is interested in joining our team to apply for open roles, even if you aren't certain that you're qualified. For example, research shows that women are less likely to apply for roles if they don’t meet 100% of the qualifications.

Our top priority is hiring the right person for each role at Tortuga. So we want to hear from you.


To lead Tortuga as the Head Coach. You will work closely with each team member and alongside Fred, the co-founder and CEO, to execute on our strategy. You will make the team greater than the sum of its parts.



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The following articles are supplementary reading. The first link will help you get an interview. The rest are meant to give you insight into why and how we work this way and the other perspectives that have influenced our thinking on work and management.


You must be based in a North America-friendly time zone as nine tenths of our team is based in the US and Canada.


Salary: Base pay is $140,000. At Tortuga, salaries are calculated by a formula, not by negotiation. The formula includes base pay with multipliers for job level and tenure (at Tortuga).

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